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At Beth Medical Spa, your comfort and wellness is guaranteed. From our welcome and friendly staff to state-of-the-art ambience, we are the perfect escape spot away from your daily stress. Our doors are open for you to visit and experience us first hand. Speak with us on phone 09011401381 or Whatsapp 07081475558

I have been looking for the perfect place to unwind and de - stress of and finally decided to visit @Bethbeauty_ng Medical Spa located in Lekki Lagos this Wednesday and I sure had an incredibly amazing time 😍😍. Definitely can’t wait to go back sometime soon. I highly recommend this place is best experienced yourself!


I like enjoyment but well I’m super concerned about Self care lately and if I get to experience best be sure I’m going to post about it. I've been so stressed lately and I decided to do a steam bath, so hot and relaxing, then proceeded to get a massage and words can't describe how surreal it was, I did my nails and It was just a wonderful experience. Should you go to Beth Beauty Medical Spa? YES!

Bolaji Billions

My acne has really calm down. I am very happy about the result

Mrs Omolola

I am seeing visible difference already on my skin. I am so glad I met you guys 🤩


I really liked the massage I got. It was an awesome 1 hr + . Thank you so much Beth beauty. It was relaxing and I feel great!

Miss T

Beth Beauty is a full service beauty company that has a standard and a luxurious Medspa also deals in cosmeceutical and beauty products; all geared towards giving customers high satisfaction, excellent products and quality services. Beth Beauty provides solution to skin and also deals in quality products that solves skin problems without bleaching the skin.

Beth Beauty is a company that provides a wide range of services in one setting. That is to say you can get all your beauty services and products, all in a relaxed environment.

Our mission is to treat all kinds of skin conditions , thereby enhancing physical appearance, health and wellness and also mental relaxation of our clients through our outstanding medical aesthetic knowledge and exceptional health and wellness services.

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Massage Therapist

Stacey Rupe


“My Wife and I have been looking out for a Spa to de-stress in Lagos for a while. It was difficult settling on one because we had things we were looking out for like professionalism, expertise, serene environment, licensed staff and ease of appointment. Beth Medical Spa ticked all the boxes for us and patronizing them is a decision we have never regretted for once. We highly recommend ”

Mr and Mrs Okafor

Couple Client

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